2D and 3D Slope Stability Modeling Course Applied to Mining Caves Offered to Instituto Tecnológico Vale

Water Services and Technologies offered a personalized course for the Vale Institute of Technology team.

In the training, given by a member of the #Geotechnics team at Water Services and Technologies, the certified instructor Bentley Systems, Eng. Karen Ninanya, theoretical and practical questions about 2D and 3D Slope Stability Applied to #Mining Cavities were addressed using the software #Plaxis by Bentley, of which we are representatives in Brazil!

WST provides customized courses like this one for companies and individuals to solve specific demands in #geotechnics, #hydrogeology, #geochemistry and #datamanagement.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you and your team streamline your workflow and achieve faster project success through our customized courses.


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