About us

About us

Water Services and Technologies, with a team of hydrogeologists, engineers, geotechnical specialists and numerical modeling leaders, offers practical and economical solutions to meet demands related to groundwater, geotechnics and environmental data management. We offer consulting services as well as technologies, through software, sensors and the development of customized solutions to meet the most diverse challenges. In addition, one of the pillars of Water Services and Technologies is the dissemination and expansion of knowledge to the entire national and international hydrogeological community, through the provision of training courses, webinars and workshops.


Develop practical solutions and disseminate knowledge for the protection and rational use of underground, superficial and geoenvironmental water resources.


Experience and Knowledge. Maximum Quality in Services and Products. Customer Success and Satisfaction.


To be recognized by our peers and customers as a leading company in the area of hydrogeology and related areas, through the provision of high quality and best cost-effective solutions, using the most appropriate technologies to the specific needs of each project.

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