Agenda WST – Online courses April and May

In 2019, Water Services and Tecnologies trained hundreds of professionals through a series of courses and events, which you can learn more about here. Due to the high demand, we listened to our customers and further expanded the list of courses, webinars and workshops for 2020. We already have more than 15 free webinars scheduled, covering the most varied topics within hydrogeology, geological modeling and environmental data management. We are also offering several face-to-face and online courses. Check the full schedule of courses and webinars:

For the months of April and May, we are already open for registration for the following courses:

Introductory online course - Hydrogeological Modeling with Visual MODFLOW Flex

In this online course we will cover the introduction to the main concepts of hydrogeological modeling with practical applications in the Visual MODFLOW Flex software. Alternating theory and practice, we will approach the use of Visual MODFLOW Flex for groundwater flow and contaminant transport projects, development of conceptual models, the development of three-dimensional numerical models with appropriate grids, parameterization, boundary conditions and hydrogeological conceptualization, to learn more access:

Online Course - Flow modeling and transport of contaminants with visual

This four-day online course alternates theory and practical exercises in order to address the entire modeling process, including the development of conceptual models, construction of the numerical model, calibration, sensitivity analysis and simulations of multiple scenarios. The course presents the theory and practical development of three-dimensional groundwater flow and contaminant transport models using Visual MODFLOW Flex. Find out more by visiting:

Online Course - Drilling and completing water wells

Geologist Fernando Zulian with over 30 years of experience in well drilling will teach the mini course “Principles of Drilling and Completion of Water Wells”. There will be a 12h course, to be taught in the mornings of the 19th, 20th and 21st of May. This introductory mini-course will cover basic notions on how to design a tubular well to collect groundwater, in order to meet the standards ABNT NBR 12212 and NBR 12244. To learn more, access:

Online course - Introduction to Groundwater Modeling using FEFLOW

This online course provides an introduction to groundwater modeling with FEFLOW software. Basic knowledge of groundwater flow theory will be acquired, addressing the main equations, boundary conditions and modeling parameters. Transient and contaminant transport simulations will also be covered. This course will bring you the basics of modeling in FEFLOW so that you can go deeper into the face-to-face courses of the software. For more information access: