Bentley Geotechnical Solutions

One of the great challenges in geotechnical engineering is the evaluation of the stability of slopes in 3D to calculate the safety factor, as 2D analyzes are not always the most conservative. Also, it takes a lot of experience to define the most critical sections. In this way, a 3D analysis is more complete as it allows to represent and evaluate the geological complexity of the model in a more realistic way.

Bentley’s geotechnical solutions, through the PLAXIS LE and PLAXIS FE packages, allow you to easily choose and test the most appropriate analysis method for your project. So you can do 2D and 3D analysis, using both the Limit Equilibrium Method and the Resistance Parameter Reduction Method.

Water Services and Technologies is the representative for Bentley geotechnical products in Brazil and we are available to answer all your questions about these powerful tools.


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