Discover the most complete tool for mathematical modeling of groundwater in contaminated areas

Agencies and regulatory bodies, such as CETESB, through Board Decision DD-038/2017, require 3D plume modeling as a mandatory activity in the investigation, risk analysis, and remediation of contaminated areas. Fortunately, numerical modeling of the flow and transport of contaminants in groundwater is nowadays a tool available to all professionals with basic concepts of hydrogeology, and not limited to those with advanced mathematical training. Visual MODFLOW is a powerful tool, written by hydrogeologists, for hydrogeologists who, for nearly 30 years, has allowed practical applications in projects around the world. Still in 1999, for example, its original author, Dr. Nilson Guiguer, was recognized by the NGWA (National Groundwater Association of the United States) with the John Hem Award, for having been the professional who most allowed the advancement of hydrogeological science in that decade.

The current version of Visual MODFLOW Flex brings a revolutionary graphical interface, where the modeler builds the conceptual model from surfaces, lines, polygons and points in shape files, Excel and a variety of formats. All topography, geology, construction details of wells, rivers, etc., are independent entities of the numerical grid. The mesh is then generated and the properties and boundary conditions are automatically associated with the corresponding cell. If the modeler wants to test different mesh sizes or types (traditional finite differences, telescopic refinement, or unstructured mesh), or wants to associate a new river or fault, just create a new mesh in a few minutes. This process makes modeling much more efficient than using traditional competing models, where the modeler starts with the mesh. Any conceptual model change involves reworking the model practically from scratch.

Para conhecer mais como esta poderosa ferramenta, assista ao webinar abaixo, onde o Visual MODFLOW Flex é utilizado para a simulação da evolução de uma pluma de contaminação em 3D:

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