2D and 3D Analysis of Mining Slope Stability

Assessing slope stability decreases the risk of accidents, which can cause social, environmental and economic damage, whether in the construction industry or in mining. Understanding the different methodologies and geotechnical analyzes involved is essential for engineers and geologists involved in mitigating these risks.

Find out what are the advantages and disadvantages of calculating slope stability with the two most established methods – Limit Equilibrium Method and Finite Element Method. Understand the difference between these methods and how the PLAXIS software family can optimize your workflow.

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Karen Ninanya, M.Sc.

Geotechnical Engineer, master from PUC-RJ, graduated in CIvil Engineering from Ricardo Palma University (URP) with experience in soil mechanics, rock mechanics, numerical and underground modeling using geotechnical programs such as Plaxis, FLAC2D, FLAC3D, Slide, GeoSlope. She currently works with constitutive hydromechanical models for geomaterials, computational geomechanics and numerical methods applied to mining.