Analysis of Well Efficiency Using Staggered Tests

Staggered tests are a type of pumping test that is essential to properly evaluate the performance and operation of tubular wells. These tests are used to determine the maximum flow as well as the optimum flow of production from a well, thus determining the ideal operating regime. In addition, it is possible to identify the hydraulic pressure losses caused by the well components and the pressure losses caused by the aquifer, making it possible to determine the well efficiency.

In the webinar “Analysis of Well Efficiency Using Staggered Tests”, offered by Water Services and Technologies, hydrogeologist Mauro Prado, will talk about the theory and demonstrate in practice the interpretation of the results of a staggered test. The webinar will take place on October 14, at noon. Be sure to watch!

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Geologist graduated from the University of São Paulo, with a master’s degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of East Anglia, England. He specializes in hydrogeology, water supply, water resource management and mathematical modeling of the flow and transport of contaminants in groundwater. His areas of expertise include hydrogeology applied to mining projects, regional assessments of underground water resources, prospecting of water resources, project management and characterization of contaminated sites. Other areas of experience and interest include drilling and completing tubular wells and wells for dissolving salt, protecting aquifers and hydrogeological aspects related to oil and gas production. Mauro is an instructor in courses in mathematical modeling and interpretation of aquifer tests offered by Water Services and Technologies.