Assessment of acid rock drainage generation potential

Acid mine drainage (AMD) is formed by the natural oxidation of sulphide minerals, which are exposed to air and water, the main characteristics are: acid pH, moderate to high concentration of metals; high concentration of sulfates, high electrical conductivity, high content of suspended solids.


The acid drainage process, once started, is difficult to stop, with high-cost remediation techniques, so even though Brazil still does not have specific legislation to mitigate mine drainage, the adoption of studies aimed at predicting the drainage potential has been increasingly common.


The main techniques used consist of the physical, chemical and mineralogical characterization of the local rocky record to evaluate the potential for generating acidity and neutralization and for simulating the weathering process, dissolution and precipitation of minerals.


The main topics covered in this webinar will be:

What is acid mine drainage and its main features;
Why worry about DAM? ;
Main laboratory analyzes used to predict AMD;
Kinetic tests and static tests: what they are, when they are indicated and how to perform them