“Water Balance in Industrial Plants and in Mining – How to Know and Monitor the Water Circuit in its Operations”

The adoption of sustainability practices and, in particular, the efficient management of water resources has been a growing demand from shareholders and society, bringing more and more tangible and intangible returns. The development, and subsequent monitoring, of the water balance of each operation within an industrial or mining unit reduces waste and water losses, as well as assists in the identification of opportunities for reuse.

The Water Services and Technologies Engineer, Christian Preis, will present on September 2nd at noon, a 1-hour webinar on “Water Balance in an industrial plant – how to minimize the loss of water in its internal cycle”.

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Christian Preis, MSc

Sanitary and environmental engineer graduated from the Federal University of Santa Catarina, with a master’s degree in hydrological modeling from the same university. He has more than 5 years of experience, and has worked in the remediation of contaminated areas at different Petrobras refineries. He also coordinated the environmental licensing of large enterprises, such as highways, industries and dams. At Water Services and Technologies he works in the area of environment and data management.