Basic Mathematical Modeling Course with Visual MODFLOW Flex

This free 8-hour online course will cover the basic principles of numerical modeling of the flow and transport of contaminants in groundwater with practical applications in the Visual MODFLOW Flex software.


  • Introduction to mathematical modeling in groundwater
  • The development of conceptual models;
  • Numerical models, their main equations and algorithms available in Visual MODFLOW Flex;
  • Main boundary conditions;
  • Practical example in Visual MODFLOW Flex.

The course is aimed at professionals who want to start working with models, as well as those professionals who just want to know more about the topic. Basic knowledge of the theory and concepts of groundwater flow will be acquired, enabling to start the creation of three-dimensional models, run simulations and analyze scenarios using Visual MODFLOW Flex software.


The course will take place on October 2 in the online modality through the Zoom platform, during business hours, for a total of 8 hours of training.


The course is FREE and a manual with classes and exercises will be provided as well as a temporary license for the software. For those students who want a Certificate of Participation, an administrative fee of R $ 100.00 will be charged.


MAURO PRADO, M.Sc., FGS – Hydrogeologist

Geologist graduated from the University of São Paulo, with a master’s degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of East Anglia, England. He specializes in hydrogeology, water supply, water resource management and mathematical modeling of the flow and transport of contaminants in groundwater. His areas of expertise include hydrogeology applied to mining projects, regional assessments of underground water resources, prospecting of water resources, project management and characterization of contaminated sites. Other areas of experience and interest include drilling and completing tubular wells and wells for dissolving salt, protecting aquifers and hydrogeological aspects related to oil and gas production. Mauro is an instructor in courses in mathematical modeling and interpretation of aquifer tests offered by Water Services and Technologies.