Management of environmental data and quality control in contaminated areas using HGA

With the creation of data, we have grown exponentially in this decade, turning the organization, management and visualization of two data into a growing challenge. If these data have not been adequately analyzed and interpreted, they become more and more costly in relation to the result obtained from the same two or the same environmental problems that have not been identified.

This one-hour webinar to specialist in data management Joyce Cruz, will address the solutions of Hydro GeoAnalyst both for the armature, management, visualization and analysis of hydrogeological and environmental data, as well as for the validation of two data and quality control (QA / QC ).

Some topics that will be addressed:

  • Main functionalities and ferramentas of HGA
  • Validation and quality control of two geoenvironmental data (QA / QC)
  • Elaboration and automatic updating of reports
  • Integration with pollutant flow and transport modeling software

Joyce C. Di Giovanni

Joyce Cruz Di Giovanni, Geologist graduated from the State University of Campinas and MBA in Strategic Management of Projects from FIAP. With ample training in data management, data bank, theory given by Pierre Gi, geostatistics from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) and specialist in Data Analysis: Visualization and Design of Dashboards from Delft University of Technology. A current member of the NICOLE Latin America Group, in the leadership of the Remediação Sustentável group. She is a specialized non-management consultant for complex projects in Diagnosis, Remediation, Monitoring and Assessment of Risco à Saúde Humana in contaminated areas. Acting in the management of multidisciplinary teams in industrial, real estate, mining, among others. Teacher of recognized institutions of Training for Post-Graduação courses, not que tange or Management of Contaminated Areas and Remediation Strategies of Complex Projects. Minister of Workshops e Treinamentos in Brazil and Latin America. Currently, she is a consultant for Water Services and Technologies for Environmental Data Management.