Management of environmental and hydrogeological data for mining

More and more enterprises of all sizes, such as mining companies and regulatory agencies, see the need to acquire and manage a wide range of environmental data, water and geoenvironmental resources of different natures.

Experience in the market has shown that millions of reais are spent on obtaining environmental, hydrogeological, environmental and geotechnical data, however, the vast majority are not adequately analyzed or when analyzed the process becomes costly and with great possibilities for errors , making it an excessive expense when compared to the results obtained. This lack of management most likely leads to the failure to detect problems and especially solutions for environmental management.

In view of this demand, one of the main challenges encountered is to put in place a data management system, combining secure storage with efficiency in the validation, evaluation and visualization of data for decision-making at different levels of interest.

With the use of Hydro GeoAnalyst, the participant of this course will learn to use a tool widely used in the world for the management, analysis and visualization of environmental data and water resources, with great differentials in the environmental database market.

Over the course of five days of classes and exercises, based on a case study, the following topics and tools included in Hydro GeoAnalyst will be taught:

  • Integrated data management;
  • Elaboration and management of database in a flexible way, which allows the adaptation of the bank according to its need;
  • Validation and Quality Control (QA / QC), quickly and appropriately for each type of data;
  • Customized queries, facilitating data visualization and decision making;
  • Different forms of data feeding and verification, including onsite data acquisition and online sharing;
  • Elaboration of graphs, 2D and 3D representations and customized reports with Business Intelligence (BI) tools interface.

These tools used in an integrated way allow a more complete and dynamic understanding of your project, its analyzes and results, giving more basis to decision makers. The software used in this course is used in large mining companies such as Vale, Nexa, SAMARCO and CBMM.

This course will be provided to all participants:

  • Theoretical handout with the material presented in the course
  • Handout of practical exercises
  • Installer of the most current version of the software
  • 15-day training license to use the software

Sophia Varela, Sanitary and Environmental Engineer

Sanitary and Environmental Engineer graduated from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), works in the area of environment and data management at Water Services and Technologies. His area of experience includes projects for the implementation of data management systems and environmental studies of surface and groundwater. It also operates in hydrogeological numerical modeling, such as modeling of coastal aquifers and saline wedge intrusion. She is pursuing a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering at UFSC, in hydrochemical modeling to assess nitrogen transformations in reuse water infiltration systems.


Joyce C. Di Giovanni

Joyce Cruz Di Giovanni, Geologist graduated from the State University of Campinas and an MBA in Strategic Project Management from FIAP. With extensive training in data management, database, Pierre Gi sampling theory, geostatistics from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) and specialist in Data Analysis: Visualization and Design of Dashboards by Delft University of Technology. Active member of the NICOLE Latin America Group, in the leadership of the Sustainable Remediation group. She is a consultant specializing in the management of complex projects in Diagnosis, Remediation, Monitoring and Assessment of Risk to Human Health in contaminated areas. Acting in the management of multidisciplinary teams in industrial, real estate, mining, among others. Professor of recognized educational institutions for Postgraduate courses, in what concerns the Management of Contaminated Areas and Strategies for Remediation of Complex Projects. Minister of Workshops and Training in Brazil and Latin America. She is currently a consultant at Water Services and Technologies for Environmental Data Management.