Graphical Visualization of Environmental Data Quality Monitoring

The need to monitor and understand the quality of environmental monitoring data has become increasingly important, especially for surface and groundwater.

One of the approaches to support the analysis of this data is through visual and interactive representations of monitoring data, using dashboards and graphics.

In this free webinar, given by Geologist Sabrine Moraes, we will present some accessible graphical visualization tools (Power BI and Excel) and their importance for optimizing the visualization and interpretation of environmental data, especially hydrochemical data.

The purpose of the webinar is to show some examples of possible views, allowing for more complex analyses, to support objective decision-making by the engineers and geologists involved.

In addition, basic and introductory concepts will be presented on the importance of good data management for validating, visualizing, analyzing and generating dynamic dashboards.

Sabrine Moraes

Geologist graduated from the University Center of Belo Horizonte (UNIBH), Specialist in Data Management. She has experience in geological mapping, acting in geotechnical tracking, elaboration of dashboards and treatment and analysis of different environmental databases. At Water Services and Technologies, she works in the operation and development of databases through Hydro GeoAnalyst® software for integrated data management in the areas of environment, mining and water resources.