III Workshop WST – Advanced Technologies in Hydrogeology and Environmental Management – São Paulo

The workshop “Advanced Technologies in Hydrogeology and Environmental Management” offered by Water Services and Technologies reaches its third edition and, as usual, there will be two different dates and places, so that the whole community of interest has the opportunity to participate. With the first event taking place in Belo Horizonte on the 29th and the second in São Paulo on the 30th.

This workshop will focus on the newest technologies and technical-scientific advances in hydrogeology, hydrogeological and geological numerical modeling and automation of groundwater monitoring networks. At this event, our professionals and guests will address various techniques and themes that are currently on the agenda and that are necessary for the characterization of the underground water environment, integration with geological models, management and acquisition of geoenvironmental data and the flow and transport of contaminants.

In this edition we have guests from the most diverse areas, addressing related topics:

  • Miners’ expectation, with case examples
  • Automation of equipment applied to water monitoring
  • Data management applied to mining – the VALE experience with HGA
  • Sustainable water resource management
  • Geotechnical hydrogeological integration