Multidimensional Numerical Analysis of Mining Tailings Densification

Proper tailings management has become an increasingly frequent and important practice in the mining industry, aiming to minimize damage through the implementation of best engineering practices before, during and after the deposition of mineral waste.

The evaluation of the densification of tailings in this type of process is required to understand the behavior of hydraulic tailings (settlements and variation of its volume), the water expelled by the mineral residue and, finally, to project the filling capacity of the deposition sites.

The variation of the void index, pore pressures, surface deformation are very important variables that need to be taken into account in this type of analysis to obtain more realistic results.
The #PLAXIS LE Consolidation software is ideal for this type of process, simulating multidimensional densification in mining tailings and considering the theory of large strains.

Watch this webinar and understand the procedure for analyzing and modeling densification when considering large deformations using PLAXIS LE software. See how this product from Bentley Systems makes your workflow easy and intuitive.


Geotechnical Engineer, Master at PUC-RJ, graduated in Civil Engineering at Ricardo Palma University (URP) with experience in soil mechanics, rock mechanics, numerical and underground modeling using geotechnical programs such as Plaxis, FLAC2D, FLAC3D, Slide, GeoSlope. She currently works with constitutive hydromechanical models for geomaterials, computational geomechanics and numerical methods applied to mining