Advanced groundwater modeling with FEFLOW

Water Services and Technologies in partnership with DHI offer this practical 4-day course to participants to develop advanced groundwater modeling skills. The software used, FEFLOW, is one of the most powerful tools available today for simulating the flow and transport of contaminants in porous and fractured media, being able to simulate both the saturated and unsaturated zones. It also enables simulation with varying densities, allowing analysis of saline wedge intrusion and heat transport.

Applications covered include:

  • Flow modeling in porous and fractured media
  • Flow in the unsaturated zone
  • Saline intrusion modeling
  • Automatic calibration strategies using PEST
  • Specific topics can be deepened depending on the demand

The advantages of using the finite element method will be demonstrated to represent environments with complex geologies and when it is intended to model hydrogeological components such as faults, fractures, wells, tunnels and other structures.



He is a specialist in numerical groundwater models. Author of many computer models, including Visual MODFLOW, Flowpath, Flonet and others. Master in Hydrology and Hydraulics from the University of São Paulo and PhD in Hydrogeology from the University of Waterloo, Canada. He served as a consultant on numerous projects, applying mining models, water resource management, environmental impacts and remediation. He is a recognized instructor, having taught more than 100 professional courses in various parts of the world. He is currently a managing partner at Water Services and Technologies and professor of undergraduate and graduate courses at the Federal University of Santa Catarina.


The city of Florianópolis was elected as the most touristic capital in the country. The course will be offered in the North of the Island, one of the most sought after destinations in the region. The training center offers comfortable facilities surrounded by natural beauty, allowing focused learning, away from the daily work routine.