Hydrogeological Modeling with FEFLOW (Module I – Basic Course)

In this two-morning course, the FEFLOW software will have its interface and main tools. Basic knowledge of groundwater flow theory and concepts will be acquired, the course will be divided into two parts as follows:

On the first morning of May 22, there will be a class on solved equations, boundary conditions and parameters needed for modeling. At the end of the morning, the program interface will be presented and a step-by-step exercise that students must do for themselves until the following morning will be explained.

On the morning of the 25th, doubts will be cleared from the exercise and some more topics will be covered in class, such as transient simulation and transport of contaminants. Then another basic exercise and the necessary files will be provided for the students to perform another example step by step for themselves.

With 8 hours of duration, it will really be an introduction for those who want to start modeling, which will open up options for those interested in deepening their knowledge in the next courses of the same software.

This course will be provided to all participants:

  • Theoretical handout with the material presented in the course
  • Handout of practical exercises
  • Installer of the most current version of the software
  • 15-day training license to use the software


He is a specialist in numerical groundwater models. Author of many computer models, including Visual MODFLOW, Flowpath, Flonet and others. Master in Hydrology and Hydraulics from the University of São Paulo and PhD in Hydrogeology from the University of Waterloo, Canada. He served as a consultant on numerous projects, applying mining models, water resource management, environmental impacts and remediation. He is a recognized instructor, having taught more than 100 professional courses in various parts of the world. He is currently a managing partner at Water Services and Technologies and professor of undergraduate and graduate courses at the Federal University of Santa Catarina.