Level monitoring, quality control and automated and integrated data management

Automatic water level monitoring is a tool that is being increasingly implemented in hydrogeological and hydrological studies. Automatic monitoring allows:

  • – Reduce operating costs – eliminates the need to regularly visit the monitored points;
  • – Easier data retrieval in wells with difficult access;
  • – Minimize measurement errors. In manual collection, accuracy may be lost due to the wear and tear on the cabling of manual meters or during data collection due to errors of transfer annotation to the interpretation worksheet;

With the telemetric transmission of data, the need for integrated management, with an appropriate quality control system for the data, is essential. Otherwise, the data obtained, which are of extreme quality and precision, may end up being misused.

Thinking of combining the benefits of automatic monitoring with data management, Water Services and Technolgies has developed a system that not only automatically sends data, but also performs quality control based on parameters established by the user and automatically inserts it in the database. .

This hour-long webinar will be presented by Geologist from Water Services and Technologies Lara Lange and Eng. Oliver Miranda, from Auro Tecnologia, a WST partner for telemetric solutions

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Lara Lange, M.Sc Geologist | Sales Coordinator

Graduated in geology from the Federal University of Paraná, with a master’s degree in exploratory geology from the same university – emphasis on chemostratigraphy of carbonate rocks. She worked as a researcher at LAMIR and at Caltech, gaining experience in laboratory analytical routine and in geoprocessing and data processing in a GIS environment. She works at WST organizing and planning events, as well as sales and technical support area for modeling, analysis and interpretation of hydrogeological data, and instrumentation equipment for monitoring water level and groundwater pressures of the Diver family.