Principles and Practical Applications of Hydrogeology, Geochemistry, Hydrogeotechnics and Data Management in Mining

Currently in the mining industry, there is a great demand for professionals trained in subjects related to hydrogeology, hydrogeotechnics, geochemistry and environmental data management.

The growing concern in monitoring and managing environmental data, combined with the need to deepen pits, disposal of tailings in dams and the consequent need to integrate hydrogeological studies with geotechnical and geochemical ones, makes the understanding of fundamentals and concepts of hydrogeology and their applications practices becomes increasingly essential for mining professionals.

In 2020, we offered the “Hydrogeology Applied to Mining” course and had more than 1,000 registrations! Since then, Water Services and Technologies has developed many projects in hydrogeology, geochemistry, hydrogeotechnics and data management. Now, it’s time to bring these new experiences and innovative content for you to have an immersion in several relevant topics of today, with regard to sustainability, water management and environmental management.

So, already write it down on the agenda to participate in the FREE course “Principles and Practical Applications of Hydrogeology, Geochemistry, Hydrogeotechnics and Data Management in Mining“, from September 27 to 30, 2022!

Get ready for an immersion in fundamental concepts and practical applications based on the accumulated experience of the WST technical staff, who have been working in the area of hydrogeology focused on the mining sector for years.

There will be 4 days of course, 32 hours of content, in which the following topics will be discussed:

      • Principles of hydrogeology and groundwater flow concepts;
      • Hydrogeochemistry in the context of mining;
      • Acid rock drainage diagnosis;
      • Well drilling and completion techniques;
      • Hydrogeological monitoring systems;
      • Planning and execution of aquifer tests;
      • Good practices in the management of environmental and hydrogeological data;
      • The benefits of water balance in mining;
      • Construction of conceptual hydrogeological models;
      • Applications of mathematical models in mining;
      • The importance of hydrogeology in geotechnical studies;
      • Integrated geotechnical modeling with hydrogeological modeling.

The course will be taught in English. For the course in Portuguese, visit: Princípios e Aplicações Práticas de Hidrogeologia, Geoquímica, Hidrogeotecnia e Gerenciamento de Dados em Mineração


October 18-21, 2022, 8 am to 5 pm (EST Time | UTC-4).


The course will be FREE and participants will be provided with a manual in PDF format with class notes.

For those who want a Certificate of Participation, an administrative fee of $200.00 BRL will be charged.


Nilson Guiguer

Danilo Almeida

Fernando Zulian

Rafael Albuquerque

Mauro Prado

Christian Preis

Hugo Ninanya

Karen Ninanya