Webinar: “Python applications for geospatial, hydrogeological and data management problems”

On 12/08 (Wednesday) at 12pm (Brasília time) the developer of Python solutions from Water Services and Technologies, Igor Tibúrcio, will present a free webinar with a duration of approximately 1 hour on language applications in solving problems applied to hydrogeological, environmental data management and georeferenced data processing. In this webinar, the solutions used to optimize the workflow will be presented, saving hours dedicated to data analysis, processing and import, in addition to bringing greater security and efficiency in your quality control.

The topics covered will be:

– Resolution of geospatial problems (in 2D and 3D) using the Python language;

– Analysis and treatment of hydrogeological and environmental data in an automated and semi-automated way.

Don't waste time, this and other webinars are now available on the WST YouTube channel


Igor Tiburcio

Currently graduating from the ninth phase of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, he went to the sixth phase of Information Systems at UFSC, co-created the junior company PIXEL (UFSC) and participated in innovation and research projects at the Laboratory of Orientation of Organizational Genesis, Transport and Logistics Laboratory, Integrated Environment Laboratory and Air Quality Control Laboratory. Enthusiastic in analysis, data processing and modeling, he is currently an intern at Water Services and Technologies where he assists in activities and projects related to these themes.