One week to go for the Hydrogeochemistry course – We still have vacancies!

It is next week but there is still time to sign up to take the opportunity to participate in the course “Environmental Hydrogeochemistry and Groundwater Monitoring”, which Water Services and Technologies is offering, in partnership with ABAS-MG and HidroGeo.

This course will cover fundamentals and applied aspects of hydrogeochemistry, related to the chemical composition and quality of groundwater. The main themes to be presented are:

Principles of geology applied to hydrogeochemistry, hydrochemical classification and groundwater classification (res. CONAMA 396/2008), and concepts of vulnerability and risk;

Stages involved in a hydrogeochemical characterization / monitoring work: Definition of the monitoring program (legal and applied aspects), field and laboratory techniques, quality control and interpretation of results;

Specific applied topics: Hydrogeochemistry in mining areas, acid mine drainage, contaminant transport, hydrogeochemistry in karst environments and hydrogeochemical numerical modeling concepts.