Groundwater Guidelines Series III – WST provides British Columbia modeling guide

Groundwater flow modeling is an important tool in hydrogeological studies. We are often asked how to assess whether a model is suitable for the purposes of the study, and whether the final report contains the minimum information necessary to review it.

In the webinar offered “Why use FEFLOW“, which can be seen on the Water Services and Technologies YouTube Channel, we indicate some references that provide some guidelines and discussions on how to evaluate complex groundwater flow and transport models, from the model conceptual development of the model, until its calibration.

As several webinar participants asked us to send the references, we decided to make it available to the general public. The first two references can be downloaded from the following links:

The third and last guideline in the series was developed by the British Columbia Ministry of the Environment and is focused on mining projects, in addition to large-scale groundwater extraction projects. In the guide you will also find best practices for groundwater model development, as well as a guide for groundwater model review by regulatory agencies. This guide and can be downloaded at the button below: