How do I enter my Water Services and Technologies certificate on LinkedIn?

Learn how to add your Water Services and Technologies certification to your LinkedIn profile.

To make the certificate available to everyone on LinkedIn, just follow the steps below:

1) After receiving your certificate by email, save it to a location of your choice on your computer:

2) After downloading, upload your certificate to your Drive, or file sharing platform of your choice. Inside it, just go to “New new / Upload files Upload files”.

3) Once the certificate is in your Drive, right click on the file and click on the option “Enable link sharing (get shareble link)”. Copy the link that Drive will show you

4) Go to LinkedIn and add the certificate here by clicking licenses & certificates 4) Go to LinkedIn and add the certificate here, clicking licenses & certificates

5) Within the form that will be generated, fill in the information and, within the “Certificate URL” field, enter the URL that you copied from your Drive.

6) Ready! Now your LinkedIn shows that you are WST certified! Congratulations!