Automatic level monitoring

Automatic water level monitoring is a tool that is being increasingly implemented in hydrogeological and hydrological studies. Automatic monitoring allows:

  • Reduce operational costs – eliminates the need to regularly visit the monitored points;
  • Easier data retrieval in wells with difficult access;

Minimize measurement errors. In manual collection, accuracy may be lost due to the wear and tear on the cabling of manual meters or during data collection due to errors of transfer annotation to the interpretation worksheet.

In addition to these advantages with automatic level monitoring, there is a high frequency of data acquisition, which can be programmed for days to seconds, enabling real-time monitoring, that is, if there is greater quality and quantity of data. Finally, with automatic monitoring, it complies with environmental legislation.

Water Services and Technologies uses Familia Diver products for automatic level monitoring in their projects. Below is an example of application for monitoring spillways. Other applications where automatic level monitoring optimizes your work are:

  • Execution of Slug tests;
  • Aquifer testing or well production and operation;
  • Monitoring of dams and aquifers;
  • Monitoring of contaminated areas and coastal aquifers by measuring electrical conductivity.