Perform efficient hydrochemical data analysis with AquaChem software

AquaChem is a hydrochemical data analysis and interpretation software, developed by Waterloo Hydrogeologic and distributed in Brazil by Water Services and Technologies. Several advantages of Aquachem make it the ideal software for any professional looking for results through the study of the chemical composition and quality of water. The analysis tools in this powerful software cover a range of functions and calculations, such as unit of measure transformations, automatic ion balance calculation and various statistical analyses. In addition to these analytical features, AquaChem allows the generation of a wide variety of specialized hydrogeochemistry diagrams, such as Piper, Stiff, Durov, Schoeller, Wilcox, Giggenbach and scatter diagrams that are usually used to represent the chemical characteristics of the analyzed samples .

Why choose AquaChem?

Ease of data import and export;
Automation of geochemical calculations, such as sum of anions, sum of cations, ion balance, calculated STD, hardness and others;
Automatic reporting;
Report of the laboratory analytical results of the samples;
Analysis and presentation of the hydrogeochemistry of underground water supply wells;
Identification of values ​​exceeding the reference values ​​of water quality standards;
Advanced statistical analysis via the R language link, implemented in the Aquachem 9.0 version;
Among other advantages and applications that the software presents.

We know that water quality studies need consistent hydrochemical research. Therefore, the professional interested in obtaining satisfactory results knows that knowledge of hydrochemistry alone does not achieve this goal, it is necessary to use a reliable data analysis tool: AquaChem is the software that best responds to the demands in the field of hydrochemical studies.

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