Cable DXT

Read your data without removing the Diver from the well.

The implementation of a Diver with a Communication Cable saves time in downloading data in addition to providing data in real time. Connect your laptop, with the Diver Office installed, to the DXT communication cable using the Smart Interface Cable to program and read data from your Diver. Available in lengths from 1 to 300 meters.

This cable can be used for standalone applications or to connect directly to the Diver MOD or Diver SDI. In the case of independent use, not connected to any of the other accessories, the wellhead must be used to seal the cap and prevent it from falling into a well with a diameter of two inches or less. 

  • Start and finish programming and reading data straight from the top of the well
  • Read your data using Diver-Mate
  • Standardized lengths can be adjustable
  • Customized lengths
  • One-Eye Technology
  • No removal and detachment of the Diver for reading the data
  • Choose the cable that best suits your needs
  • Easy installation
  • Simple fitting with the Diver, without the need for alignment.

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