Diver-MOD is the MODbud for Divers interface and can be used to connect Diver to an RS485 network using the Modbus / RTU protocol. The Diver has a barometric sensor, which can be used to convert the measured pressure of the Diver into a water level.

A typical Modbus configuration is described in the figure below, in which two Diver-MODs are connected to a PC / PLC. This connection includes data and power communication. The length of the Modbus cable depends on the transmission rate, the cable, the network configuration (2 wires or 4 wires), etc. A maximum length of 1000m can be achieved using specific components. 

  • The Diver-MOD has an air temperature and atmospheric pressure sensor
  • Read the Diver’s memory
  • Program the Diver sampling interval
  • Start and stop the Diver
  • Power is supplied by the Modbus network
  • There is no need for additional sensors to measure air temperature and atmospheric pressure
  • There is no need for post-processing of pressure data
  • No internal battery needed

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