Hydro GeoAnalyst

Environmental Data Management, Analysis and Visualization Software

Hydro GeoAnalyst is a groundwater and environmental data management system that stores and organizes data, while helping to quickly create comprehensive analytical results that are reliable and easy to understand.

With Hydro GeoAnalyst, environmental professionals, geoscientists and government agencies have all the tools necessary to effectively and efficiently manage large volumes of data and make informed decisions about environmental and water resources.

  • Manage data for local, state and federal groundwater monitoring networks
  • Manage data associated with remediation projects
  • Manage well construction details and log information
  • Analyze survey data for mineral exploration
  • Interpret geological and hydrostratigraphic data
  • Map and report aquifer extensions and geological formations
  • Store and report on landfill monitoring data
  • Evaluate and report on the spatial distribution of water quality parameters
  • Assess groundwater vulnerabilities and planning for their protection
  • Easily import and validate data from Excel, Access, EDDs and mobile EDDs, Diver MON files or LAS files. Also includes the option to upload images in bulk
  • Completely customize your environmental database for your specific project needs with options to add unlimited tables and fields
  • Easily create, save and retrieve data queries and extract useful information about your project. Only minimal knowledge of SQL syntax required
  • Create lists of valid values ​​for almost all fields in your database (for example, Chemical Name, Station Type, etc.) for consistent and reliable data entry
  • Create, edit and manage material specifications and standards for use in your well profile designs, cross sections and 3D scenes
  • Validate your data with the Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD) model to simplify and facilitate import
  • Easily plan future sampling events and other field activities, plan recurring sampling rounds and set automatic reminders to ensure that a sampling event is never missed
  • Verify the accuracy of the laboratory result by analyzing blank, duplicate and adulterated samples, dilution factors, detection limits and waiting times
  • View detailed well / station information stored as depths or intervals and includes support for deviated (non-vertical) wells when automatically calculating the true vertical depth.
  • Create detailed maps of your area and view stations, groundwater contours or contaminating points and define cross-section lines
  • Produce detailed cross-sectional diagrams showing geological, hydrogeological and model layers, as well as screen and water level data.
  • Show your project data in 3D faster and easier than ever! It also now supports the visualization of deviated wells (not vertical).
  • Analyze chemical data with more than 25 geochemical plots, statistical and trend analyzes and reports of values ​​that do not meet standards and legislation, using AquaChem.
  • Analyze, interpret and visualize your Pumping and Slug Test data using AquiferTest.
  • Connect ArcGIS to your database to perform advanced queries, mapping and geospatial analysis on your data.
  • Import to Excel ™ & Powerpoint ™
  • Quickly send tabular data, queries, time series charts, well profiles and 3D scenes to Microsoft Excel or Powerpoint
  • Securely publish project data to the Web to communicate and present data to colleagues and stakeholders
  • Create fully customizable reports showing tables, time series charts, maps, drillholes and more
  • Operating Systems – Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise
  • Processor – 32-bit or 64-bit
  • Hard Disk – 500 MB (Minimum)
  • RAM memory – 8 GB (or more – recommended)
  • Network Hardware – Network card (required for network type license)

Software Requirement

  • Microsoft .NET Framework v.4.0 or greater
  • Microsoft Visual Studio C ++ 2005 Redistributable
  • Microsoft Access Runtime 2007 (if Access is not already installed)

Additional requirements

For Mobile EDD features, the following are recommended:

  • Apple or Android device
  • Safari or Chrome mobile internet browser

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