Visual MODFLOW Flex

Comprehensive and Versatile Groundwater Modeling Software

With Visual MODFLOW Flex, you have a comprehensive set of tools needed to address water quality, groundwater supply and water source protection initiatives, including:

  • Demarcate well capture zones for domestic groundwater supply
  • Design and optimize well pumping sites for mine lowering projects.
  • Determine the fate of the contaminant and the routes of exposure for the risk assessment
  • Simulate interactions between surface water and groundwater
  • Make models on a regional / watershed scale
  • Evaluate groundwater remediation systems
  • Simulate aquifer storage and recovery
  • MODFLOW-2000, 2005, NWT – O padrão mundial para modelagem do fluxo de águas subterrâneas
  • MODFLOW-USG – Uma versão de volume finito de MODFLOW que usa grades não estruturadas.
  • MODFLOW-LGR – Refinamento de grade local de nó compartilhado para simulações de escala regional-local
  • MT3DMS – O pacote padrão para simulações de transporte de contaminantes de múltiplas espécies
  • MODPATH – O pacote padrão para rastreamento de partículas direta e reversa
  • Zone Budget – Um pacote para cálculos sub-regionais de orçamento de água
  • PEST v.12.3 -Análise automatizada de calibração e sensibilidade com suporte para pontos piloto
  • Define the model’s geology and layers using survey data and cross sections
  • Interpret GIS data to define hydrogeological properties and limits, regardless of the grid
  • Run, analyze and validate model results with raw data in 2D, 3D and cross-sectional views
  • Easily create multiple conceptualizations; Generate multiple networks and model scenarios in parallel, all in a single project
  • Assess uncertainty by comparing loads from multiple model runs in 2D, 3D or graphical views
  • Importe de forma rápida e fácil de dados de todos os tipos e formatos de arquivos comuns
  • Sistema automático de coordenadas e conversão de unidades na importação dos dados
  • Valide de forma automática de dados e verificação inteligente de erros na importação
  • Defina limites do modelo, zonas de propriedades, condições de contorno e atributos, a partir de dados importados do GIS
  • Choose from a variety of structured and unstructured grid types to accommodate a wide range of applications and geological conditions (eg pressure jumps, discontinuities)
  • Improve the accuracy of the simulation, reduce run times and increase model stability with unstructured grid types (MODFLOW-USG)
  • Easily create multiple grids within the same project and compare side by side in 2D or 3D
  • Perform network refinement around areas of interest
  • Create faster and more stable models with locally refined meshes that contain local horizontal and vertical refinement (MODFLOW-LGR)
  • Visualize all data, including conceptual objects, numerical meshes, input data (property zones, boundary condition cells) and output data (calculated loads, flow lines, water table) in an advanced way in 2d , 3Dm and multiple-views (FlexViewer)
  • Create cross sections and views that allow you to see inside your model
  • Generate 3D animations and videos for reports or the web
  • Add isolines, outlines, paths and color shading to viewers
  • Overlay rasters (map, satellite images) on 3D surfaces to show the relief
  • OpenGL graphics optimized to improve hardware rendering
Requerimentos do Hardware 
  • Sistema operacional – Windows 10 Pro ou Empresarial
  • Processador  – 32-bit ou 64-bit
  • Disco Rígido – 500 MB é suficiente para rodar um modelo – é recomendado ter 50GB de espaço livre
  • RAM – 8 GB (ou mais – recomendado)
  • Hardware de Rede – Placa de rede (necessária para licença do tipo network/ team)
Requerimento do Software
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
  • Microsoft Office (2000 ou posterior). Se não possui o Office, deve instalar o Microsoft Access Database Engine.

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