Water Services and Technologies would like to wish all friends, customers and suppliers a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2020.

Looking back on 2019, we have a lot to celebrate as this year provided us with several challenges in the different sectors in which we operate. This year we started, for example, a corporate project with Vale on a global level for the management of environmental and hydrogeological data in the coming years, using the Hydro GeoAnalyst software. We also work on very interesting projects involving:

  • Mathematical modeling of flow and transport of contaminants in groundwater, with the most varied applications: lowering of water table for mining, sustainable management of aquifers, remediation of contaminated areas and others;
  • Characterization of the dynamics of underground flows from the application of coloring and isotopic tracers;
  • Determination of areas for the implementation of new tailings dams, minimizing possible environmental impacts;
  • Implementation of new solutions for collecting and sending hydrogeological data by telemetry;
  • Evaluation of water resources;
  • Creation of automatic integration software for data sent by telemetric systems in the SQL database;

As one of our pillars is the dissemination and improvement of our knowledge, we did a series of trainings in the most diverse areas and modalities. These trainings provided us with a great exchange of knowledge and professional and cultural enrichment.

This year we had the visit of representatives of Waterloo Hydrogeologic, Jason Dixon, and Van Essen Instruments, Peter Westerhuis, companies to which we are representatives in Brazil. These visits provided us with an exchange of information, training and meetings with customers. We are sure that the ties strengthened in 2019 will remain strong and fruitful in 2020.

In order to continue serving our customers with efficiency and high quality, our team has grown significantly this year. For the new members of the WST team, we wish that in 2020 we will continue with the team spirit, working openly, always motivating ourselves by offering quality work, and that we always have good times to socialize!

We take the opportunity to announce that from the 24th of December until the 2nd of January we will be in recess, so that we can start 2020 with renewed energies and at full throttle.


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