Sanitation, Validation and Design


Environmental data are standardized and validated for entry into the database, in such a way as to allow for the development of data structuring. Standardization involves:

  • Standardization and registration of monitoring points (Stations);
  • Standardization and registration of the different matrices of the project (eg groundwater, marine water, drinking water, surface water, effluent, soil and sediment);
  • Standardization of symbology, lithology and color pattern (RGB);
  • Standardization of water bodies;
  • Standardization of measurement units;
  • Date format standardization;
  • Standardization of chemical parameters;
  • Naming standardization.

The design and structuring of the database is carried out in the HGA application supported by MSSQL Server:

  • The database is structured to receive all the data mentioned above, grouped by data category;
  • In addition to the mentioned data, there is the preparation of the database for the insertion of additional data.

After structuring the database, the data are imported using the HGA import routines.

During the data import, the verification of the complete import of the original data to the database is carried out, as well as the elaboration of redundant data searches, entry errors, etc.

  • When applicable, there is control for samples and results of: blanks, duplicates and triplicates;
  • Creation of registration option drop-down lists to guarantee data uniformity control.