WST Free Webinar Series August 2020

In 2019, Water Services and Tecnologies trained hundreds of professionals through a series of courses and events, which you can learn more about here. Due to the high demand, we listened to our customers and further expanded the list of courses, webinars for 2020, already in the first semester we offered more than 15 free webinars, covering the most varied topics within hydrogeology, geological modeling and environmental data management. Due to the current scenario, we have also adapted and organized a series of online trainings, training around 1000 professionals from the most diverse areas. The calendar for the coming months will be released soon, but check out what we have in store for August!

For the month of August we have open registration for the following webinars:

This webinar will demonstrate how integrated modeling can assist in obtaining better estimates of distributed groundwater aquifer recharge rates and also to better understand the interaction between ground and surface water and how actions in one can impact the other. Practical examples will be demonstrated using MIKE-SHE and SWAT-MODFLOW 

This webinar will address the applications of language in solving problems applied to hydrogeological, environmental data management and georeferenced data processing. In this webinar, the solutions used to optimize the workflow will be presented, saving hours dedicated to data analysis, processing and import, in addition to bringing greater security and efficiency in your quality control.

Don’t miss this webinar presented by Dr. Nilson Guiguer, President of Water Services and Technologies, “Why Use FEFLOW?”, which will take place on August 19th, at 11 AM EST, 3PM (GMT, noon Sao Paulo time). This webinar is offered by Water Services and Technologies, in partnership with HydroInfo and with DHI. This webinar will provide information on the basics of groundwater modeling and mass transport,focused on the advantages that FEFLOW can bring to your company or project. 

 This webinar will provide information on the use of Power BI and its importance for optimizing the visualization and interpretation of environmental data. It is possible to relate different databases and create dynamic reports that allow a characterization and monitoring of the study areas, saving time and providing greater basis in decision making.

Missed any webinar presented?

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