WST Free Webinar Series June 2020

In 2019, Water Services and Tecnologies trained hundreds of professionals through a series of courses and events, which you can learn more about here. Due to the high demand, we listened to our customers and further expanded the list of courses, webinars and workshops for 2020. We already have more than 15 free webinars scheduled, covering the most varied topics within hydrogeology, geological modeling and environmental data management. We are also offering several online courses. Check the full schedule of courses and webinars:

For the month of June we have open registration for the following webinars:

Aquachem is renowned software, used worldwide for the generation of specialized graphs and detailed analysis of hydrogeochemical data. In this year 2020, Waterloo Hydrogeologic launches Aquachem 9.0, in which the software has been completely redesigned. In this one-hour webinar, presented by the hydrogeochemist at Water Services and Technologies Rafael Albuquerque, it will be demonstrated how to apply in practice tools available in the AquaChem software for the interpretation and analysis of hydrochemical data.

Automatic water level monitoring is a tool that is being increasingly implemented in hydrogeological and hydrological studies, however with the telemetric transmission of data the need for integrated management, with an appropriate quality control system of the data is essential . Otherwise, the data obtained, which are of extreme quality and precision, may end up being misused. Thinking of combining the benefits of automatic monitoring with data management, Water Services and Technolgies has developed a system that not only automatically sends data, but also performs quality control based on parameters established by the user and automatically inserts it in the database. .

This Webinar will provide information on the fundamentals of remote sensing, the use of remote sensors in surface and hydrogeological hydrological studies, and the application of satellite data to Numerical Models. The following topics will be covered: Introduction to remote sensing, Presentation of the main applications of remote sensors in Hydrogeological studies and extraction of surface and atmospheric data such as Precipitation and Evapotranspiration and integration with Hydrogeological models.

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