Water Resources Management

  • Studies on aquifer storage and recovery.
  • Determining the vulnerability of aquifers.
  • Determination of sustainable levels of water extraction.
  • Interaction between surface water and groundwater.
  • Delimitation of the well protection area.
  • Hydrological studies for the granting of abstraction of surface water, groundwater and effluent discharge.
  • Optimization of water extraction systems.
  • Identification of interference between wells.
  • Preparation of reports for obtaining the grant for the use of surface and groundwater.
  • Water resources optimization studies.
  • Design and installation of fluviometric stations and spillways to monitor the water level, volume and flow of water bodies.
  • Assessment of water balance and water availability in industrial units and mines.
  • Critical analysis of water and effluent quality data.
  • Ground and surface water availability studies.
  • Groundwater and surface water balance.
  • Precipitation studies.

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