From daily compliance with environmental standards to remediation of the site for pre-sale activities, Water Services & Technologies offers customers practical and economical solutions that meet standards and legislation. Our team has years of experience specialized in investigating soil and groundwater, as well as designing and optimizing localized solutions. Using cutting edge technologies, we are able to provide customers with the most appropriate and economical solutions for their needs. We provide alternatives to meet the challenges and help facilitate the completion of the project from start to finish.

  • Initial Hydrogeological Assessment.
  • Registration of springs and water points.
  • Hydrogeochemical assessment for characterization of aquifers.
  • Classic hydrogeochemistry.
  • Isotopes.
  • Design of deep tubular wells.
  • Design of piezometers and monitoring wells.
  • Planning and execution of aquifer tests.
  • Planning and executing well production tests.
  • Planning and executing tests to determine hydraulic conductivity.
  • Slug and Bail tests.
  • Infiltration tests.
  • Water loss tests under pressure.
  • Hydrogeological monitoring.
  • Studies and saline wedge intrusion.
  • Hydrodynamic modeling of ground and surface water.
  • LNAPL / DNAPL migration.
  • Passive remediation assessment.
  • Transport of multicomponent and / or dense compounds.
  • Sistemas de organização de dados.
  • Integração do GIS com base de dados.
  • Ferramentas de coleta de dados.
  • Sistemas de monitoramento.
  • Visualização em 3D.
  • Mapeamento interativo via web.
  • Avaliação e mapeamento isotópico.
  • Assessment of Environmental Impacts.
  • Surface and groundwater interaction.
  • Characterization and remediation of contaminated areas.
  • Impact assessment and mitigation of liquid effluent discharge.

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