Supply Services of Water

With the prediction of global climate change on the horizon and a steady increase in populations around the world, cities face several challenges with a view to better understanding their water resources and planning for the future. Water Services & Technologies (WST) provides technical services to help cities develop a deeper understanding of water supplies, sources and how to plan for the future. From investigations of groundwater supply to the establishment of water source protection areas, our team will provide technically viable options that establish safe and long-term sources of drinking water.

  • Assessment of Environmental Impacts.
  • Surface and groundwater interaction.
  • Characterization and remediation of contaminated areas.
  • Impact assessment and mitigation of liquid effluent discharge.
  • Data organization systems.
  • Integration of GIS with database.
  • Data collection tools.
  • Monitoring systems.
  • 3D visualization.
  • Interactive mapping via the web.
  • Isotopic assessment and mapping.
  • Initial Hydrogeological Assessment.
  • Registration of springs and water points.
  • Hydrogeochemical assessment for characterization of aquifers.
  • Classic hydrogeochemistry.
  • Isotopes.
  • Design of deep tubular wells.
  • Design of piezometers and monitoring wells.
  • Planning and execution of aquifer tests.
  • Planning and executing well production tests.
  • Planning and executing tests to determine hydraulic conductivity.
  • Slug and Bail tests.
  • Infiltration tests.
  • Water loss tests under pressure.
  • Hydrogeological monitoring.
  • Regional hydrogeological and hydrological characterization.
  • Assessment of the vulnerability of aquifer systems and water sources.
  • Contingency supply sources planning.
  • Water resource sustainability assessment.
  • Elaboration of water favorability maps.
  • Assessment of surface and underground water availability and calculation of water balance on a local and regional scale.
  • Evaluation of the productive potential of properties aimed at capturing water for the production of beverages.
  • Assessment of interference between surface water and groundwater.
  • Development of groundwater abstraction projects, with definition of abstraction depths, spacing between wells and determination of sustainable flows.
  • Mapping of water circuits in industrial units.
  • Elaboration of technical reports for grant applications for groundwater abstraction and / or mineral water production.
  • Elaboration of a mining plan for the production of mineral water.
  • Evaluation and definition of protection zones for wells and other water collection structures.

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