Bentley solutions for all geotechnical challenges

With the growing demand for more precise, robust geotechnical solutions and, at the same time, easy to use, Bentley products are gaining more and more visibility. Water Services and Technologies represents the geotechnical line of Bentley Geotechnical Engineering in Brazil, such as #Plaxis, #gINT, and #Soilvision.

Plaxis is one of the most numerically advanced tools for geotechnical analysis, using the finite element method for its analysis. #Plaxis has ten modules that can be used independently, allowing 3D and 2D analysis, in various geotechnical themes such as stress-deformation, slope stability, seismic vibrations, heat flows and hydrogeology integrated with geotechnics.

GINT is powerful software for professionals who want agile delivery of geotechnical reports. #GINT allows you to build diagrams, graphs and tables quickly and efficiently, as it builds a database that allows quick entry and import of drillhole data, geotechnical tests, geophysical data and other types of geotechnical information obtained by professionals from the environment, mining, oil, or any area related to geosciences.

SOILVISION is one of the market leaders for its friendly and intuitive interface. It performs slope stability calculations using the limit equilibrium method. This powerful software is used in the mining, infrastructure, energy, nuclear and other industries. It guarantees safety and a very high degree of precision in projects for large earth dams, consolidation of mine tailings, stability of slopes of slag, retaining walls and foundations.

Water Services and Technologies is offering two webinars on slope stability, using deterministic methods: in the first, the limit equilibrium method, with Soilvision, and in the second, the stress analysis method, using PLAXIS. Both will have practical demonstrations of the use of the software and will be presented by the geotechnical expert, Karen Ninanya, M. Sc, a member of the WST team.

Below are details about the events. We are waiting for you in the webinar!

One of the most used deterministic methods for the analysis of slope stability is the limit equilibrium method, which uses the following premises: the rupture surface is arbitrary; the balance is calculated by the static equations; and the Safety factor (FS) is constant throughout the rupture surface. Come learn more about the application of this method, using Bentley’s powerful SVSlope tool, on the November 11 webinar, from 12pm to 1pm, taught by geotechnical engineer Karen Ninanya and offered by Water Services and Technologies, a geotechnical software distributor from Bentley, in Brazil.

The Stress Analysis Method by the Finite Element Method, made with the help of computer programs based on numerical methods, such as SVSOLID and PLAXIS, which include the following advantages: automatic breaking surface; it does not require any guessing (Slice method); applicable to complex conditions providing information such as stresses; deformations and poropressures and incorporation of characteristics such as the construction stages of the project. Come learn more about the application of the Stress Analysis Method using the Finite Element Method, using Bentley’s powerful tools SVSOLID and PLAXIS, on the December 9th webinar, from 12pm to 1pm, taught by geotechnical engineer Karen Ninanya and offered by Water Services and Technologies, distributor of geotechnical software from Bentley, in Brazil.

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