Get access to 3 guides in 1 – WST offers Series on Groundwater Modeling Guidelines: Australian Guidelines

In the webinar offered “Why use FEFLOW“, which can be seen on the Water Services and Technologies YouTube Channel, we indicate several classic and contemporary references, which provide some guidelines and discussions on how to evaluate complex groundwater flow models, from the conceptual model, model development, to its calibration. We are making these references available, as can be seen with the USGS guide that was made available for download and the British Columbia guide also available.

Australia has excelled in developing policies and regulations for the use of its water resources, as some locations in the country are highly dependent on groundwater for supply, consumption and agricultural activities. Water Services and Technologies has grouped and is making available three renowned Australian groundwater guides.

  • 1) 2012: Australian groundwater modeling guidelines, developed by the National Water Commision
  • 2) 2013: Australian groundwater modeling guidelines – Companion to the guidelines, developed by the National Water Commission
  • 3) 2018: Uncertainty analysis — Guidance for groundwater modeling within a risk management framework, developed by the Independent Expert Scientific Committee on Coal Seam Gas and Large Coal Mining Development

These three Australian guidelines provide up-to-date guidelines on how to develop and evaluate complex groundwater flow models, and are well suited for mining applications and for risk and uncertainty analysis. This compilation of guides can be downloaded from the button below