The webinar “Use of Dye Tracers for Underground Mine Leakage Analysis” is now available on the WST Youtube Channel

One of the pillars of #WST is the dissemination of knowledge and, for this reason, it launched the WST youtube channel in 2019, in which several webinars offered are gradually made available for you to watch wherever and whenever you wish. The last addition to the channel was the webinar offered at the end of May: “Use of Dye Tracers to Analyze Underground Mine Leakage” In this webinar, Nilson Guiguer discusses how the use of this technique can answer 4 main questions:

– Where does the water go
– How long does it take to get there
– What happens on the way
– How the interaction of surface and underground water occurs
The tracers also help to define hydrogeological parameters and water velocity.

In the webinar offered we indicate some references, among them the Manual for the Study of Dye Tracers in Groundwater developed by the Ozark Groundwater Laboratory. To download click on the button below:

We will soon announce the schedule of webinars that we plan to offer in the coming months, if you have any suggestions, please leave the topic of interest in the comments, in the meantime, take the opportunity to watch or re-watch the webinars offered on the channel!