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Water Quality Data Management and Interpretation Using AquaChem

The constant need to collect new data for analysis and interpretation, diagnosing whether the variations on results may be of natural origin or possible contamination is a constant in environmental monitoring. This demand generates a large volume of data, which is delivered in different formats by laboratories and consulting companies, being a recurring challenge in […]

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An Introduction to Environmental Data Management Using Hydro GeoAnalyst (HGA)

Water Services and Technologies in partnership with Waterloo Hydrogeologic will present this 4-day hands-on course presents an introduction to environmental data management and analysis using HGA. Data management begins with the development of a database that integrates the variety of sources of environmental data that are common in hydrogeologic analysis. The data are then interpolated […]

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Planning and Interpretation of Pumping Test Results

A fundamental part of hydrogeological assessments involves determining the hydrodynamic properties of aquifers and, for that, it is necessary to plan, execute and interpret pumping tests, which can be used both for the characterization of aquifers and to determine the optimal flow and evaluate the operational efficiency. collection wells.Pumping tests for aquifer characterization consist of […]

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