Visits with Dr. Murray Fredlund

Water Services and Technologies visited with Dr. Murray Fredlund, founder of the Canadian company SoilVision Systems Ltd, now part of Bentley Systems, and Eng. Geotécnica Marina Naim Brock Trevizolli, of Bentley Systems, the mining company Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional in Congonhas and the consulting firm Walm Engenharia e Tecnologia Ambiental in Belo Horizonte, to present the newest three-dimensional geotechnical modeling solutions using the SVOffice package. The SVOffice system meets a growing interest in 3D modeling, in particular linked to unsaturated soils and the safety of dams as a whole. Water Services and Technologies is the partner of Bentley Systems for geotechnical solutions in Brazil and we are available to present the advantages of the geotechnical line of SoilVision Systems, Plaxis and GINT.