Water Services and Technologies Hydrogeochemistry Month

Don't miss the opportunity to improve your skills in various topics of hydrogeochemistry, join us in our webinars during the month of September! ​ ​

Mine Hydrogeochemistry
from Exploration to Closure

Acid drainage of the rock can compromise the quality of surface and underground water resources, in addition to generating losses in the order of millions of dollars (USD). For the diagnosis and prediction of this phenomenon, it is necessary to prepare and develop studies with a comprehensive view, from the exploration phase to mine closure.

Mineralogical Lithogeochemical Characterization Applied to Acid Drainage

In the second webinar of the month of geochemistry at Water Services and Technologies, geologist Lara Lange will present on the importance of geological, lithochemical and mineralogical characterization in studies applied to mine drainage

Statistical Analysis Applied to Mine Hydrogeochemistry

In this webinar, which will take place on September 22 at 12pm, notions of statistics applied to hydrogeochemistry will be presented, including data comparison analysis, correlation and trend, clustering and geospatial analysis. The selected examples and applications were made using the R language and the AquaChem hydrogeochemical software.

Hydrogeochemical Numerical Modeling
Applied to Mine Drainage

Numerical geochemical modeling allows for a better understanding of the chemical reactions that occur in the mining context (tails, wastes, aquifers, etc.) for evaluating and predicting the chemical composition of mine drainage.
In this webinar, on the 29th of September, at NOON, some possibilities of analysis with the PHREEQC, strategies, and necessary fundamentals in the use of the software will be presented. Don’t miss this opportunity!