[Webinar in Portuguese] Modeling Large Aquifers with Visual Modflow Flex: Example of the Urucuia Aquifer

The Urucuia Aquifer System is one of the largest and most relevant in the country in terms of available stored volume and extension. The development of irrigated agriculture in the west of Bahia is expanding rapidly, with the aquifer being an important vector for the development of national agribusiness.

Water Services and Technologies, in partnership with UFV and UFRJ, is developing a management system for the Association of Irrigating Farmers of Bahia, which will allow the user to verify the result of different scenarios of exploration of the aquifer through a numerical model of underground flow and web platform.

Watch this Free Online Webinar that took place on April 22, 2021, and learn how the use of unstructured mesh and the subdivision of a regional model into local submodels, with automatic transfer of boundary conditions, can be applied to the simulation of large areas effectively.