[Webinar in Portuguese]: Pseudo-Tridimensional Numerical Analysis of Densification in Tailings Deposition without Mining Pits

Hi, if you weren’t able to follow the webinar live, now you can watch it on our Youtube channel!
Filling mining pits with tailings has become an increasingly frequent practice.

To study the filling capacity and deposition time, it is necessary to understand the density that occurs in the tailings and the volume of water produced.

The variation of the void index, the pore pressures, and the surface deformation are relevant aspects that must be considered.

PLAXIS LE Consolidation software is ideal for this type of analysis using the concept of pseudo-three-dimensional analysis to simulate the 3D density of tailings.

Watch this webinar now available on our youtube channel and understand the procedure for analyzing and modeling density when considering small and large deformations using PLAXIS LE software. See how this Bentley product makes your workflow easy and intuitive.