Automatic water level monitoring webinar with telemetry solutions

On 10/16/2019, Water Services and Technologies presented yet another free webinar from the WST Series of Webinars, given by geologist and sales coordinator Lara Lange. In this webinar, some advantages of using automatic level monitoring and other uses of Familia Diver products, their different accessories, manual and semi-automated data collection options. In addition to several applications, which can optimize workflow in several areas. Telemetry data sending solutions were also discussed, which can be carried out with different means, from mobile telephony, radio, ethernet cables, as well as an innovative telemetry data sending solution using WIFI network, developed by WST in partnership with the Auro Tecnologia, in which we have already successfully implemented the solution at the CBMM mining company. If you haven’t had the chance to watch it live, watch it on our youtube channel!