Free WST Webinars April 2020

In 2019, Water Services and Tecnologies trained hundreds of professionals through a series of courses and events, which you can learn more about here. Due to the high demand, we listened to our customers and further expanded the list of courses, webinars and workshops for 2020. We already have more than 15 free webinars scheduled, covering the most varied topics within hydrogeology, geological modeling and environmental data management. We are also offering several online courses. Check the full schedule of courses and webinars:

For the month of April we have open registration for the following webinars:

In karst aquifer systems, one of the factors that conditions underground hydraulics is tertiary porosity (cavities, caves and fracture widening), developed from the interaction of water and rock. This interaction is intrinsically associated with the evolution of the relief, resulting in a more complex water dynamics, when compared to other natural systems. This webinar will present, from real examples, how the understanding of the evolution of relief in karst areas corroborates with the hydrogeological understanding of a region, helping in the elaboration of conceptual and numerical models.

This one-hour webinar is suitable for professionals who work with various hydrogeological and environmental data in mining and other segments, and need more efficiency in analysis and reporting. Integrated data management deals with automated / semi-automated import, validation, visualization, analysis and generation of graphs and reports in a dynamic way. The objective of the webinar is to show what are the best practices of integrated data management, allowing more complex analyzes, to support decision making in an objective way.

This one-hour webinar is suitable for mining professionals who need to manage environmental, hydrological and hydrogeological data, coming in different formats and from multiple sources, in a more efficient and integrated manner. The objective of this webinar is to show the best data management practices in an integrated manner, from data capturing to report production, including validation, quality control, visualization and automation of activities. This approach allows complex analysis to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and to bring stakeholders and decision-makers to the same level. 

On April 29 (Wednesday) at noon (Brasília time) Water Services and Technologies will present the free webinar “3D Geological Modeling applied to Hydrogeology” with approximately 1: 00h duration. This Webinar will provide information on the fundamentals of 3D Geological Modeling, the main tools and methods for building geological models and their application in Hydrogeological Models.

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