WST assists Costa Rica in the Implementation of the National Groundwater Information System

Water Services and Technologies is assisting in the implementation of the National Groundwater Information System in Costa Rica, led by the Dirección General de Águas.

The first step is the structuring of the database and training in the use of the HydroGeoAnalyst (HGA) software chosen as one of the components of the system. Through the partner company in Costa Rica, HidroAmbiente Consultores, led by Randall Alpizar Mena, WST hydrogeologists, Nilson Guiguer and Sophia Varela, participated in a 5-day workshop in San José, with the participation of technicians from various government agencies involved with water resources in the country. Topics that facilitate decision making on water resources were discussed more effectively, due to the efficiency of the management and visualization of large volumes of data provided by HGA Remembering that HGA is part of the hydrogeology software that is on sale in June ! Take the opportunity!

In July, we will be in San José again. This time, giving a course on groundwater modeling with FEFLOW. For more information, contact us: (48) 3365-4374.


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