WTS Course Series: “Planning and Interpreting Pumping Tests”

A fundamental part of any hydrogeological study involves determining the hydrodynamic properties of aquifers and aquitards.

For this, it is necessary to plan, execute and interpret pumping tests, which can be used both for the characterization of aquifers and to determine the optimal flow rate for catchment wells, as well as for their operational efficiency.

Aiming at training hydrogeology professionals in this topic, Water Services and Technologies prepared the course “Planning and Interpreting Pumping Tests” which took place on the 24th, 25th and 26th of March.

The training was online and covered both the theory of each method and practical exercises on the computer using the AquiferTest software.

Students received a copy of the lectures, step-by-step practical examples, a temporary software license to use during the course and a certificate of completion.